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    a company that conducts research for the abundant future of humanity through technologies accumulated more than 40 years and a creative challenging spirit.

    CEO Choi   Sung Chan


  • Hello
    Thank you for visiting our website and for your continued interest and support.

    KUKDONG HOIST was established in 1983 and since then specialized in the production of hoists and cranes. We are continuously growing through our proprietary brand ‘KUKDONG HOIST’ both domestically and internationally.

    KUKDONG HOIST is aggressively investing in R&D to continuously maintain and develop the best quality and technologies and we are striving to offer the best customer service and price competitiveness. Above all else, rather than focusing simply on selling products, we place utmost importance on gaining ‘trust’ through ‘safety’, which is the most important element in the loading and unloading transportation machine industry.

    KUKDONG HOIST will continue to focus all of our capacities to create a new paradigm for loading and unloading transportation machinery based on a challenging spirit and trust.
    We ask for your warm interest and support for our efforts to become the best company and I hope that our homepage will provide you with useful information.

    Thank you.

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